Protected Download Links

Protected Links lets you restrict access to the download links by IP Address, time and number of downloads. A download link can be for single or multiple users.

Expiring Download Links for Email

Send urls to your downloadable products by Email as a protected link with limits on download period and access. It works with any autoresponder/ newsletter system editor that allows to insert a hyperlink.

Restrict Unauthorized Access

Protected Download Links Admin Area allows you to view the complete download link profile. Valid and Invalid Download Attempts. It allows you to ban invalid download accesses effectively.

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ProtecteD Links

  • Protected Download Links can be set to expire after a certain amount of time calculated from link creation or first download .
  • Protected Download Links can be set to expire after cerain number of clicks.
  • Access to download links can be IP Locked allowing or restricing certain IP Addresses.
  • Download Links created by Protected Links Software can be for a single user or multiple users.
  • Lets you hide the actual location and name of the downloadable file.
  • Link Profile and complete statistics available for the download links permitting you to modify access for each link created at a future date..


Protected Links Check the interface.

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